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- Get a new perspective -

In October 2013, we proudly introduced the Apex Coaching program. Apex Business Coaching is for CEOs, Business Owners, Executives and Professionals who have oversight of some aspect of their organization or business. Apex coaches ensure you:

  • Trouble-shoot effectively to improve business performance and solve business problems
  • See the connection between different issues within your business
  • Have the tools to be effective
  • Take a view of your business 'from the apex', so that you can see impacts, influences and opportunities within your industry and market, now and in future

Apex business coaches must have a wide background in business functions so that they truly can advise and support across the range of issues you deal with in your organization. Apex coaches have had hands-on experience in managing marketing campaigns, customer service, human resources, accounting/finance, governance and strategy development. So obviously, our Apex Coaches are not Spring Chickens! No, indeed, they have been around the block a few times, made mistakes and learnt from them and invested heavily in their own training and development so that they are able to help you.

If you want to have a coach so that you look good, Apex Business Coaching is not for you. You can easily find coaches who really don't know much about your business functions and are simply trained 'to coach', without any substantial experience in a range of organizations. If you want to have a coach so that your performance, and that of your business or organization, is fine-tuned and at its peak - contact us or see below to enquire about the different programs we have available or to book a COMPLIMENTARY discussion to find out more.

What Apex coaching is:

  • Driven by your business needs
  • Honest and sometimes challenging
  • For established and successful businesses, organizations and executives in the services (including local Govt and central Govt) industries and professional firms
  • Support for you throughout the program
  • A coach that cares about your success
  • A coach that specializes in your industry and has wide experience so you are not limited in terms of the elements you wish to discuss, learn about and focus on
  • Understands that sometimes your coach is a mentor, sometimes a trainer and sometimes an adviser
  • Confidential to you, and an opportunity to test your thinking, seek an objective view and share wisdom

What Apex coaching is not:

  • A Franchise coaching program
  • A formula that is followed in coaching sessions
  • A pre-determined program
  • Personal or medical counselling
  • A once-a-month meeting and nothing else
  • A 'pretend' response instead of taking action and solving business problems
  • An instructor to tell you what to do
  • A nice chat and a coffee once a month (although we do have coffee!)

Apex Coaching Options

Options include:

  • Live coaching via face-to-face (for Hamilton, NZ business coaching, or on-line via Skype or similar software outside of Hamilton or NZ)

  • Group coaching (at this stage for organizations, or professional service providers who have a group of clients - contact me to discuss)
  • One-off guest options for a specific issue or problem

Try it out for yourself! We guarantee satisfaction with all our services. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

We are proud to be independent from coach affiliation or coaching franchises. Business coaches in Hamilton, New Zealand and global.