About Us

We specialise in:

  • Strategy (Strategic Planning) and Strategy Implementation
  • Strategical Savvy (the competency of thinking strategically and being seen as strategic by others)
  • Strategic agility (responding quickly to a changing environment)
  • Succession Planning
  • Project management to ensure implementation of plans and business improvements
  • Talent Management (including succession planning, recruitment, induction and retention)
  • Leadership Development

(sometimes some of these are called 'Organization Development')

Strategic business planning is a critical activity for any business that wishes to maintain its success into the future. Your operating environment is constantly changing and so are customer expectations, and competitors tactics. Your business strategy and plan process should take into account relevant trends and changes, without wasting time analysing those that are unlikely to impact. Your business plan and strategy should have a comprehensive implementation plan as this is critical to achieving success. A plan without implementation might as well be no plan at all!

Strategic thinking is a vital component of strategy and business plan development. It has further benefits too. If you are recognised by your boss, employees and clients as a strategic thinker, not only will career and business opportunities open up to you, others will follow your lead and your team's results will be better than you thought possible. If your team are thinking strategically, they will need less direction from you, make better decisions and be more productive. Strategic thinking results in your business having strategic agility - the ability to respond to changing conditions and competitor or client changes.

Strategies Direct has its home office in Hamilton, New Zealand. This is based in the North Island, in a region called 'Waikato' - meaning 'the river flows through' - and the city is very green due to the river and good rainfall most of the year, apart from midsummer when it can be very dry. Although we work for global clients, we also do a lot of work locally and support our local business community by:

  • Sponsoring the 'Waikato Innovative Thinking Business Network'
  • Supporting local charities and not-for-profits like True Colours Children's Health Trust and Riverlea Community Theatre in Hamilton.

How We Started

Strategies Direct was formed in 2008 by Jenni Murphy-Scanlon. Drawing on her experience in strategy development, organization development, marketing and related roles, she recognised that developing and implementing strategy, and utilising on-going strategic thinking was critical to leadership and business success.

One of the first major contracts awarded to Strategies Direct in 2009 included a fixed term coaching programme with senior managers in a large national organization. It became apparent that the most urgent need of these managers was to be able to think strategically and show their boss that they could do so. Jenni found very little practical help for teaching individuals to think strategically, and under time pressure, she set about developing her own system. Drawing on years of training and experience in developing leaders, and thinking about those considered strategic or not strategic in other organizations, she developed a model for strategic thinking by those working within organisations. The model was so successful that a refined version has now become a key product of the company.

Most of the strategic thinking products and services are offered in electronic form globally. Wherever you are in the world you can benefit from our experience. Strategies Direct offers e-guides, coaching, training and consultancy services in Hamilton, Ne8w Zealand and globally including Australia and Asia Pacific.

To support our many clients, we recognized the need for a flexible coaching program that offered continuous but appropriate support. In October 2013 we proudly introduced Apex Coaching. We offer a complimentary session so that you can try out our coaching for yourself - no obligation and no risk!

Strategies Direct is now proud to support a global database of professionals, managers, business owners and others who are interested in strategic thinking and maximising their career or business potential. A complimentary monthly e-newsletter goes out to all those on the database and this includes special offers only available to the database. Sign up here for a complimentary whitepapers and ongoing updates via our e-newsletter.

About Our Founder

Jenni Murphy-Scanlon

B.Bus, Adv. Dip Mgt, MNZATD

Jenni has 30 years experience in people and business management including:

  • Developing and implementing strategic business plans
  • Coaching managers
  • Developing and leading marketing campaigns
  • Recruiting and selecting a range of roles
  • Bringing dysfunctional teams back to productivity
  • Establishing and managing succession planning programmes
  • Developing leadership programmes
  • Managing the HR function
  • Designing learning and development programmes
  • Leading change projects
  • Leading extensive organisation development projects
  • Commercial and chartered accounting roles
  • Working at the coal-face in customer service

Jenni has worked with:

  • Professional services teams

  • Call centres
  • Government
  • Corporates
  • Small to medium businesses
  • Not-for profits


  • Is a professional member of the NZ Association for Training and Development and 'Future Thinkers'

  • Holds a Bachelor of Business, an Advanced Diploma in Management and an Advanced Certificate in Adult Teaching
  • Is a part-time Academic Staff Member at the Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise at Wintec (Tertiary Institute for Technology)
  • Has over 20 years experience in developing and delivering training on a wide range of topics, from technical to generic
  • Is a qualified mentor and mentor trainer with the NZ Centre for Notational Analysis
  • Is qualified with Saville Holdsworth Ltd to assess and give feedback on a range of psychometric tests, questionnaires and group assessments
  • Is trained and experienced in competency-based interviewing and referee interviewing techniques
  • Has served as Chairperson and President on Not-for-Profit boards

Jenni invites you to connect on LinkedIn - search her name (Jenni Murphy-Scanlon) and send her an invitation.